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The Jew-controlled popular music industry is intellectually bankrupt. There are still great groups out there, but they won't sign with the record labels because they get ripped off. The labels "create" their own superstars by hyping the hell out of them to 12-year-old girls and blacks. The real musicians are out in the boondocks, making a living by playing live concerts to loyal, local audiences.

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The record producers and globalist prison system is one and the same, investments in DUINDU NUFFINS....ok classical music!? Blacks I can't really name but there are lots of guys who would write and record old Gospel and old Negroe Folk music songs and later you would have the eras of Dixie, Swing, Blues etc Lois Armstrong, Duke Ellington jazz era all greats...not classical though and that's a time when Blacks had good mainstream music and not this cRAP SHIT.... India? China? I know there was an era of mixing classic pop and Western music Zhou Xuan? Lu Wencheng for HongKong style folk music... Hindus Indians, the differences in towns, regions a lot of it ties into race, religions, cultures, ethnic idenity, Sikhs, Carnatic and Hindustanis? they have a different view to time and melody even stranger than ancient Greece or Egypt, melodic structure, very hard to write down for someone from a European background. Indian usual story? there is some priest, god, diety or prophet who played lots and probably smoked a lot of shit Annanomayo or something, prayer, idenity, music, festivals, funerals...it was all the one thing...most George Harrison hippie types who went of to India to smoke shit seem to know some names....before the mohammedans killed and destroyed arabia there was probably a direct trade route between Rome, Greece and the Far East like Indian and China along the Silk Road, Haray-Krishna type religiosity music? Purandara Dasa was a Hindu composer in South India, one of the first to start writing stuff and standardize Indian music. Their harmony time tones....a different philosophy raga and tala I think its called...as for crap or 'Rap'? The people who run this so called music industry and the prison system are one and the same...that's what the 'conspiracy' says

As for these CRAPPERS?

Duh AMBOLAMPS sheeeit he bez dying n sheeeit Yaw ' ll be diggin? ambalence! for a rap starz hommie! ambalence! wer da ambalence at! https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=aQrXF_1530418352 the conspiracy? and some recent shootings in Canada and some nigger that killed xxxtension or whatever his nigger name was ?? and btw Rap is not music https://imgoat.com/uploads/7e1cd7dca8/118270.jpg cities were a little less poisonous before there were millions of feral hoodrats allowed to go native in the streets.

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I bet tupac or biggie dun kilteem

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Look at the Reddit posts about average words use per song. They want blacks dumb unable to articulate thoughts unless it rhymes

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White people like all kinds of music. Niggers like one or two kinds of music. It's easy to trend when 13% of the population likes the same song/artist, and much harder to trend when 60% of the population likes 100 different songs/artists.

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White people are the ones who buy nigger music. White people keep the rap industry alive, not niggers. The only industry niggers keep alive and strong is fucking weave.

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Yep, that's the problem.

In eastern europe they don't buy nigger music so it's not like jews can force them to buy nigger music.

The west is fucked, it's Lil Tay's generation now.

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and prison... don't forget about for profit prisons

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Nigger gangs are laundering their drug/prostitution money through their "music" business.

The "sales" numbers are fake. Hardly anyone buys music anymore, especially kids.

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This is the real answer, it's not a fucking grand conspiracy.

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I agree with you. I hate how rap is default party music everywhere except for the country. What happened to rock?

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Isn't all music expressing some form of feelings?

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It is so black men can fuck white women then leave them with a pet monkey... Ending our race in a single generation.

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Music industry is ran by Jews. Duh.

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Oy! Vey!! Alison Chabloz

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It just as shitty as most modern white music. All mrdern entertainment is horseshit. That and a combination of age.

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Yeah, mainstream white music is shit too.

Most mainstream things from movies to video games are steaming pile of shits.

Which is completely logical considering that most people are dumb and therefore are only able to appreciate dumbest down materials.

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All entertainment produced and promoted by jews is designed to make you degenerate, depraved and dumb. This is just one part of jews' strategy to dominate and eventually enslave all goyim.

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It's deliberately promoted. It glorifies violence and corruption of society. Which is exactly the objective.

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