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"Hush" was written by American composer and musician Joe South, for recording artist Billy Joe Royal. The chorus begins "Hush, hush, I thought I heard her calling my name", Joe South adapted the song from an old African American spiritual, which included the line: "Hush I thought I heard Jesus calling my name." Session musician Barry Bailey, who later became the lead guitarist for the Atlanta Rhythm Section, plays guitar on the track. The Deep Purple version was included on their first album and recorded with the band's original lineup, which didn't include lead singer Ian Gillan, who joined in 1969, replacing Rod Evans. The song is a fan favorite, but Gillan kept it off the setlists when he was in the band, since he wasn't the original singer.

When Steve Morse joined Deep Purple on guitar in 1994, he pushed to bring the song back to their live shows, which they did. "We have a big improv section in there and it's just a great feel from beginning to end for me," Morse said in our 2014 interview. "And the lyrics are not even lyrics. It's just 'Na nana na na na nananana.' It's the most basic tune in the world, but to me Deep Purple got on the map as a hard rock band from doing that version of 'Hush.' So I love that. And we stretch that out pretty far live."

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