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Ahh yes, Yoko Ono.

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Deep Purple started recording their "Who Do We Think We Are" album in Rome in July 1972. At this point, the band had yet to tour Japan, but they had three shows scheduled there for August: two in Osaka followed by one at the Budokan arena in Tokyo. Drawing on Japanese imagery ("the rising sun," "an Eastern dream"), they concocted a story of a lovely lady from that country who drives them wild.

Rome was sunny and relaxing, so the band spent a lot of time in the swimming pool in lieu of working. There was also a sound problem in the studio, and the only track they got out of those sessions was "Woman From Tokyo." The rest of the album was done in Germany. This is one of the group's most popular songs, but they never had much affinity for it. They didn't start playing it live until they re-formed in 1984 after their 1976 split.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=b-ScDz4Vj98 :

Deep Purple-My Woman From Tokyo- 720p HD - YouTube

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