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(((Yankee nation)))

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Makes me want to move to Texas. Good song. It really makes you think about the states that fought against the union only to lose and see their rights stripped by a corrupt federal govt that they did not want.

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It's ok, the war still goes on.

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In the first few lines of this song he states that he hates the Declaration of Independence ! Yet they always cry they are fighting for states rights which the Declaration of Independence gave them. A corner stone of the constitution. So which is it? I’m so glad the south lost. Unfortunately it gave rise to the Democratic Party which brought this countless turmoil, the kkk, Jim Crow laws, John Wilkes Boothe.

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You are clueless.

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There is a lot to it really. The south fought against the connection from european banks to the newly founded south. The north overtook the war (still declared a cease-fire) because they were bankrolled by europe. I am drunk i really dont know how to explain it simply

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The souths use of slavery was a losing proposition. Most of the civilized world had given up slavery as a losing and unprofitable business plan. Morality had nothing to do with Great Britains ending of slavery. It was unprofitable and expensive. No matter what the Jewish slavers told them. Unfortunately the US had to kill a lot of white people in a civil war to come to the same conclusion.

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You realize that the South's civil war against the North was bankrolled by European Jews right?

Jews also brought in the slaves the Southerners were using.

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you got it backwards, check out the confederate note

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What is the "confederate note"?