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Just finally got to where I could listen to her without it killing me, she was damn good, partial Jewish ancestry or not, she's like Leonard Cohen, doesn't matter, and screw anyone who might say it does....

I kinda like to imagine her as Anne Frank in another life, and Amy Whinehouse being her most recent full life.... Particularly funny when they're reporting recently that Anne Frank's diary had some "adult" humor hidden in it.

What kills me is the name and the sad nature of her music, even though she talks about "her man"... I had an "Amy" or two I could never catch back up with that I knew from Elementary school, no matter what she moved on and married better than me anyway. Kinda breaks your heart when you're told early on "You're not good enough", and then see a celebrity who is everything you'd like to see in the lost love, and both {Shared Love & A Celebrity/Artist/Singer that you feel so sentimental about}, die so young... Even when she {Whinehouse} was alive though I just thought of "my Amy", of course she was never mine, but a boy could dream......

Oh well, Amy is married to someone else, and I won't be chasing her anymore, can't say I don't still wonder, but that's love, it didn't come with limitations or expectations, it's just love love....

{Since I've recently loaded the v/music section, and some people like it, I figured I'd open up a little more here and there with the truth. Didn't mean to mess up your post @ElectricCanabull.....}

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You didnt mess up anything friend.

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