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Veer all liffing in amelika, coca cola, sometimes var

Veer all liffing in amelika amelika amelika

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Still think it's call Am-Erika as a statement about the original 'Discoverer' of the "New World"..... "Erik the Red"......

I could be wrong though. The femminization of the name Erik into Erika makes perfect sense as well though. He mostly likely discovered some beautiful natives, names would have been exchanged and carried on if only in history and tradition.

My bad, it was his son Lief Erikson I was thinking of, either way same sound logic applies.

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Whole song is taking the piss out of american culture.

Danes called America 'Vinland'. 'America' (as a continent(s) is named after 'Amerigo Vespucci' who mapped the east coast in the 1600s.