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My mom says I'm a catch, I'm popular. I'm never last picked, I got a cheerleader chick.

This was my jam.

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This was when whites started really losing the culture war. When we started idolizing the outsider and making fun of the pretty cheerleader and the football star. The jew wants you to accept the outcast because the jew is the constant outcast. That is why grunge was pushed on us in the 90s and metal bands were no longer considered cool.

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Grunge and alt-rock ended because they deregulated radio in about 94-95. Local sounds and stations used to have a chance. Now everything is owned by IHeartRadio, formerly Westwood One, which is going bankrupt. They essentially control popular music, which is why it's all nogs and creepy Lolita acts aimed at pervert spics (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez). They go for the lowest common denominator.

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You fucking retard, you have it all wrong. This IS culture creating itself, and improving itself, and checking itself. It's not about accepting the outcast, it's about rejecting proscribed behavior and the lack of humanity that can derive from that. This song doesn't make the nerd cool and the football player a loser, it makes the football player a better person and the artist nerd credit for contributing to society. When the culture fails to find a place for all of its people it is easy to push them toward a competing culture. White counter-cultures are not a rejection of white society, they are a correction to white society. Notice how those are non-existent now?

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People tend to group together with similar people. They will generally have similar levels of intelligence and similar values. This is the reason why nerd groups form, because nerds generally have high intelligence with moderately low conscientiousness (not nigger level total irresponsibility with no concept of "future"). Some might have conscientiousness, but they like nerdy things due to the high openness and intelligence.

You also find music-based groupings or music associated with groups and they generally have a lot of similar personality characteristics as well.

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Important jam

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A classic.

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Only song of their I know.. they got to have a couple more goodies