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Like rapper songs?

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Like metal like country like all of it all of it they are coming for all of it. Duh.

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And people pretend like my anti-youtube Crusade is causing a problem.

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Susan Wojcicki masturbates with a gun dildo. It's a in the shape of an AR15 Susan Wojcicki masturbates with an AR15 gun dildo and Susan Wojcicki is evil like Tipper Gore. Susan Wojcicki is the risen zombie whore of Babylon and the reanimated corpse of Tipper Gore. Tipper lives that's why Tupac lives still because he still needs to stop Tipper Gore who possessed the body of Susan Wojcicki and reanimated as Susan Wojcicki.

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Youtube is coming to destroy your guitars and devil horns. Youtube is going to punish wrong lyric and free lyric now huh? So should another corporation tell other corporations and artists and people what the rest of us get to buy and play and listen to and stream and download and say and think based entirely on how a corporation feels? So our rights have to end where a corporate entities feelings begin? So youtube is just another Bush Sr. administration and another PMRC and another moral busy body? So is youtube going to stick stupid stickers and slogans on music next and prohibit adults from making their own decisions? PMRC losers or PRCM losers or whatever the hell board it was that Tipper Gore chaired that put the stupid parental advisory stickers on CD's. Fuck me bros.