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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=JnEkB_fF3sc :

Do You Still Believe They Went to the Moon? - YouTube

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Sure,I'll take some pot shots at those "theories".

  1. The flag isn't "fluttering",it's falling over as the guy fumbles with it. Cause there's no wind on a sound stage either.

  2. The moon rock was probably stolen and replaced with what was handy. In this case,probably a piece of petrified wood from another,less guarded display.

  3. The boots are different because they removed the treads. There's moon dust on them.

  4. He punched that guy because he,or someone like him,has been harassing him for years. There's only so many times you'll put your hand on a bible before you'll put your fist up some asshole's face.

  5. Your cell phone is a cheap piece of Chinese garbage and the communications system for the moon mission cost millions. Do the math.

  6. How do we know that footage of the "moon landing bloopers" wasn't faked? It looks very different from the moon landing footage and you'd think something like that would've been destroyed.

  7. Did it ever occur to you the data was stolen? Lots of people would want it for lots of reasons. Also,why would you want it anyway? What would it prove to your layman's mind?

  8. It wouldn't take much to get a vehicle moving off the moon so I doubt it'd make a blast crater. Much lighter there with low gravity.

  9. Intersecting shadows? No light source? There's obviously a light source or you couldn't see anything. You got three astronauts with lights. It's pretty obvious what happened.

Hope that helps.