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Supposedly this was a cut song from Dark Side of the Moon

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I'm glad they cut it, as it isn't the same level of quality of the released album.

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True, it doesn’t quite fit. It’s still a good song by them though.

Dark Side of the Moon is a concept album and it’s odd compared to the rest

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I have serious doubts that's PF. The classic tone of Gilmour's guitar isn't right, Nick's drums are way off (both sound and style), as is both Ricks keys and Rogers bass lines. I'd need a lot more convincing this isn't faked. Even the works by Brit Floyd sound closer to PF than this. If by some chance it is PF, the recording engineer needs to be fired, especially when the picture says it's "remastered". I could see why they wouldn't release this, Gilmour isn't easily satisfied. This live version, which should be easy to verify, sounds more like them.