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Not many people have attended a Hillary Clinton fund raiser and lived. I tend to believe this guy.

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WTF is going on with people and the global elite? I first thought pizzagate a batshit insane conspiracy theory...but now with all the Leaks and Hollyweird shit going on!?!?

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Whenever censorship is practiced, someone is hiding the truth. This is especially true about libtards who are hiding their crimes from the American public. That's why they either predictably censor conservative voices from announcing the truth or they try to discredit our voices by constantly shouting "conspiracy theorists!"

Their tactics are predictable, but the reason why they use these tactics reveals the obvious truth about their immoral agenda.

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Thee pizzagate investigation was shut down here on voat by the current 3owners of the sub.

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I was talking about this shit as early as 1996 when the internet first took off and people thought I was insane. Jewish degenerates are creepy vampires.

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depends on your donation

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yeah, when going to a Snuff Party fund raising, you don’t want to buy the cheapest ticket...

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similar scenes are painted in the novel "Justine" by the Marquis De Sade

"The unfortunate situations include: the time when she seeks refuge and confession in a monastery, but is forced to become a sex slave to the monks, who subject her to countless orgies, rapes and similar rigours..."

the revelation that many of the rich and powerful are also morally bankrupt is really no revelation at all. it's what some come to expect of them.

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Well, that's going on the reading list.

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The majority of wealth comes from labor, so if you're cool with labor as cheap as possible you're probably richer and more morally deficient. Also the types that think they don't have to return security deposits.

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It's a big world. Did anyone really imagine that nothing like this ever happens?

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This what I've realized and what terrifies me. If you can imagine it, and it's at least physically possible, it's probably been done and/or is being right at this moment. There are so many goddamn people in the world

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I wanna have a group that gets off to fucking dinosaur bones. $75k a person. DM me for details.

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If you are not evil, you have no need to virtue signal.

Most men who advocate for women rights are actually rapists.

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Joss Wheadon. Thing is, I never watched Buffy when it was current because I didn't watch TV at all. Recently(and for an old guy like me, a few years ago is "recent"), I watched it, I was astonished and sometimes moved to tears that, within the context of this whimsical show, Someone was able to express and advocate a brand of feminism which embraced the entirety of the woman. Buffy can kill some baddies, get stabbed in the back by everyone she loves, die, come back to life and save the world, and just wish this whole thing would be over so she could go sho shopping and she really misses her boyfriend.

And now we find out that maybe he's not the nicest guy.

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So why haven't any snuff films popped up on the internet, other than ISIS crap?

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This is nothing but an advertisement video for those books. #AD with nothing substantial......until you buy the book to find out more. Please stop linking advertisements in a music sub.

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why does that guy keep moving the damn cursor all over the place on the screen, so fuckin annoying.

anyways, yes snuff parties and shit are real, I have family members that were in gang and secret societies and stuff, and I've heard some fucked up shit that goes down

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Yeah right.

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Can't argue with that logic. I hadn't considered it from that perspective.

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Goats seem to believe all sorts of highly doubtful things. It seems like there's a correlation between the length of the domain name and the amount of credibility it gets. I really would like to access the Voat DB and see what can be teased out from the data. Anonymized, of course. I'd rent some big iron just to have a look at that.

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A lot of long time goats get a new account after a year or two. I get your point though

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So why isn't he in jail? Also, in case you didn't make it far enough in the video, yes this is the same Sorpions behind Virgin Killer.

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Notice he's careful to say "I think" and not "I saw."

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Alls I'm saying is that you don't get +1s at 100K/person snuff events

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