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I would also be very happy to help out in whatever capacity you may need. If it's just posting the weekly thread once in a while or sharing some ideas.

A weekly sticky post for a given genre week would be a great starting point. Homemade music threads would be better as a day of the week thing I think, just so the threads don't get bogged down with submissions and someone barely gets any screen time if they posted late in the game because someone is filtering by top comments.

Having daily themes would be cool, but it comes down to how much effort is willing to be put in, as we only have one moderator right now to sticky posts. This also gives users more time to find cool music and really dig deep on a subject if they want to.

Flair is a great idea, just so when we do get general music submissions, then users can find the highlighted tag of the threads they're looking for easier. Maybe just a grey highlight on genres and for weekly threads or lets talk could have a specific colour.

Let's Talk: Covers that completely shift the meaning of a song

[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino - 3005

Let's Talk: 'Band Name' or 'Album Name"

[Post Rock] Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand in Mine

Let's Talk: What band did you first see live and what was the experience like?

I know Reddit has apps that will pull in all the YouTube videos from a thread and make a playlist for you, I'm sure something like that will happen for Voat. is a good collaborative thing (people make youtube playlists and get turns at playing their links) we could have a room for..