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I'm not sure what a ListenToThis forum is, but I like your idea of a genre week. Genre studies are some of my favourite aspects in music, and I'd love a chance to showcase/share/see others posting things of a specific genre each week. Relevent AMAs would also be a great inclusion. Perhaps during these genre weeks, one day can be dedicated as a /v/originalmusic crosspost?


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Yep, that -- original music day -- is the idea! Glad to see some agreement for the idea.

ListenToThis is a sub-reddit (and I'd assume subverse) dedicated to, well, posting music that you want people to listen to. So, essentially what this subverse is right now (and mostly what r/music is.) Having structure such as flares as well as theme weeks and topic days makes for a more rounded, communal experience, rather than a Lights remix or Ace of Spades being posted for the eighth time in a week.