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Original Music Monday? Timeless Music Tuesday? Weird Music Wednesday? Terrible Music Thursday? Free Music Friday? And free post weekends?

Just some ideas. Though maybe even making it a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing instead - and leaving the other days free for "anything goes" posting. This is just my own views on it, since I like streamlined and regular occurrences of content posting.

So perhaps: Monday = original content highlighted. Users can post their own work and get feedback or just shameless self-promote (though the former would be preferable). Tuesday = anything goes. Wednesday = weird music. Oddities, rarities, obscure bands and songs, outsider music, etc. Thursday = anything goes. Friday = free (legal) music. Posting bands (preferably no self-promoting) that have released their work for free on places such as Bandcamp, Archive, etc. Saturday = anything goes. Sunday = anything goes.

That's my concept, anyway. I'm obviously new here but I like the concept of the site and would love to jump in early to help out. I'd put my hat in for a mod spot, but given I'm literally brand new, I don't think I can. Regardless, I'll poke around and help out with some sub-subverses and chime in here where possible. That's my two cents, anyway! ;)

On each: Monday = post original content for feedback/self-promotion with no shame, Tuesday = user-defined "classic" songs/albums/artists for discussion, Wednesday = musical oddities/leftfield finds/rare/obscure releases


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I like where you're going with this, though I think we need to iron it out a bit. There'd be a lot of cross-posting on Mondays and Fridays with your idea -- though that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is something we need to keep in mind. For Wednesdays, we'd have a hard time moderating what is "weird" -- where's the line? When do you tell someone, "that's not weird enough," and remove their post?

Rather than have Tuesday be for user-defined content, how about instead we have genre weeks? The Monday-Wednesday-Friday ideas, while not limited to the genre of the week, would encourage more people of that genre to come post on that specific day, for instance. Got a new fusion jazz band? Post your stuff on Monday of Jazz week! Want to show the community some more nuanced sub-genres of jazz, or quirky off-shoots such as Frank Zappa's jazzier stuff? Wednesday is your day. As for Friday, again... that's a pretty specific rule-day for a genre-week theme. Free music day... hmmm...

We could also host appropriate AMAs on these days. Every day we have a different band/artist related to the genre of the week do an AMA or have some similar focus, perhaps just an interview.

Of course, we aren't limited to JUST the genre of the week on the given week. Jazz Week, for instance, is a guideline to encourage posting and participation in celebration of the given type of music, as well as to help expose artists under that umbrella. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, for instance, could be completely open to all types of music, even with a jazz AMA going on that day.

We should buckle-down and brainstorm this all if foundring is down for that. Also keep in mind Crabpuncher_98's idea for not having this be essentially a ListenToThis forum.


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Also keep in mind Crabpuncher_98's idea for not having this be essentially a ListenToThis forum.

Agreed. That's why I think a flair system might encourage more diversified content.


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I would also be very happy to help out in whatever capacity you may need. If it's just posting the weekly thread once in a while or sharing some ideas.

A weekly sticky post for a given genre week would be a great starting point. Homemade music threads would be better as a day of the week thing I think, just so the threads don't get bogged down with submissions and someone barely gets any screen time if they posted late in the game because someone is filtering by top comments.

Having daily themes would be cool, but it comes down to how much effort is willing to be put in, as we only have one moderator right now to sticky posts. This also gives users more time to find cool music and really dig deep on a subject if they want to.

Flair is a great idea, just so when we do get general music submissions, then users can find the highlighted tag of the threads they're looking for easier. Maybe just a grey highlight on genres and for weekly threads or lets talk could have a specific colour.

Let's Talk: Covers that completely shift the meaning of a song

[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino - 3005

Let's Talk: 'Band Name' or 'Album Name"

[Post Rock] Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand in Mine

Let's Talk: What band did you first see live and what was the experience like?

I know Reddit has apps that will pull in all the YouTube videos from a thread and make a playlist for you, I'm sure something like that will happen for Voat. is a good collaborative thing (people make youtube playlists and get turns at playing their links) we could have a room for..


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I'm not sure what a ListenToThis forum is, but I like your idea of a genre week. Genre studies are some of my favourite aspects in music, and I'd love a chance to showcase/share/see others posting things of a specific genre each week. Relevent AMAs would also be a great inclusion. Perhaps during these genre weeks, one day can be dedicated as a /v/originalmusic crosspost?