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Nothing like Josh hommes and friends.

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No one knew he likes kicking bitches in the face.

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This song meets my approval. What the fuck is that Foo Fighters dude doing playing the drums. That riff is killing me because I've heard it before in some other record but I don't know what it is from listening in my head and trying to connect the song. I'll get over it though.

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no sir. that riff and drumming is not connected to another song.

im OCD and work in the music industry for 15 years.

theres a sneaky trick!!!!

when you play a series of notes, typically the 3 that form the root of a chord........when you remove one, your brain instinctively fills in the missing chord.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS9oryavqs0 <------- this song is a good example. at the beginning of the song, the music is full....as it progresses you will find notes missing.....but your brain fills in the missing pieces. listen to the main melody...it gets more and more sparse.....listen.

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