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Well, I hope Neil Young will remember a southern man don't need him around anyhow.

I really do like Neil's music though.. so there is that.

E: ...and it's a facebook sign-in. Nope.

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wtf 3 members of lynrd skynrd died in a plane crash? is that because they opposed white hatred?

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After the crash, drummer Artimus Pyle (a Vietnam vet) ran out of the field to get help. A farmer shot him 'cause he didn't know who this blood-covered crazy man was.

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There's an email signin as well. Just use a throwaway.

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? I didn't have to sign in through facebook.

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Yeah well, I've seen the needle and the damage done too, but I wouldn't care to write a song glorifying it the fucking faggot.

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The money is in the live shows nowadays

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If you don't like Neil Young try Neil Young and Crazy Horse. If you don't like that try drowning yourself.

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Ok then

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Will Daryl Hannah show up as a mermaid and save you or something?

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neil faggot and the nigger lovers

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im one of 5 people in the world that doesnt like neil young.

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You're not alone, I can't stand his nasally voice.

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another thing i dislike about him is how college kids pretend to be all sophisticated and smoke weed and listen to him like their geniuses or some shit. same with blondie#, bob marley*, 95% of the talking heads catalog+, its like saying " i like their earlier work better" when ever a band is brought up.....meanwhile the were emo kids 2 years ago.

blondie has like 6 songs, and shes not writing anything new, is such a bitch when she got inducted into the hall of fame, she used sesssion musicians not the original band.

*Bob marley....be honest, how many 1000s of times have you heard "could this be love?" or "dont worry" i mean jesus fuck, we gt it, you have the greatist hits album.

  • talking heads, wrote about 5 life changing earth shattering hits....the rest is bland sleeping music.

oh...and fuck the vevlet undrground too.

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Check out the site anyway. One of the coolest designs I've ever seen.

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No HTTPS though. I'm not sending credentials over the wire unencrypted.

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I'm not a big fan, but rockin' in the free world is my jam. He meant that song.

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i hate that song.

i hate him. the only good song he did was cinnamon girl.

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I learned how to play guitar with his songs.

I've also seen him live a few times - once he gets going he brings the house down.

He's getting up there now.

Classic Neil: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=0O1v_7T6p8U

And later on - like fine fucking wine: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=EMRqN0m5c-M

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Great move. He's old, he's got enough money to live on for the rest of his days, so why not? I wish more artists would do this.

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I was going to guess he's dying and did this cause fuckit

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That was my first thought, but it's probably somewhere in between these. With all the other artists that kicked the bucket the last few years fuck it take my music and enjoy.

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Never could stand that nasal whiny retard

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Lol. Me neither. Good grief.

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At least he didn't force everyone to download it...

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Pretty sure that move single-handedly murdered what little career U2 had left. I still remember frantically trying to figure out how to delete it while swearing off iPods for good. Never touched one since then.

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I use an old phone which takes 64gb sd cards and use flac files. Much better.

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Thank god it was not Neil Diamond.

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