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I've always considered the studio release solo to be one of the most emotionally invested guitar solos I've ever heard. And, not that it adds weight to anything other than my personal frame of reference, I've been a musician all my life so I've been exposed to a lot of musical expression. Albeit, this solo is pretty damn outstanding and captures the original feel exquisitely!

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The final cut and Gilmour solo album give me chills. None of it ever gets radio play, I guess it's nice because it keeps that magic

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I personally prefer 'Marooned' but everything Gilmour does is god!

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The most important thing is he put this song out for all musicians to play around with. I like the acoustic solo guitar version by Thomas Leeb.

Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4 is baddest solo as far as I'm concerned. The fills and outro are really good too. Hendrix really looked up to that guy, Terry Kath. Great record but the lead guitar is so good that it draws all my attention.

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Sorry, brother, I had to respond to this, and as much as I love some Floyd....

I will just present you with a few examples of better examples of Great guitar solos young Jedi:

First off, I'm gonna black pill ya, and get down voated like shit on voat, I could give 2 cucks...

jimi hendrix --> https://youtu.be/MuMkvNS2IJM

Yea, yea, oh your giving a nig nog credit, but give credit to where credit it is due.....

I'll give you a guitarist where Clapton is playing piano(post... ), and he is the sidekick ... ...(an actual white guy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InHjlzWA-Ec

far less than popular than others, already each a genius in own their right, I give you with a classically trained:

yngwie malsteen --> https://youtu.be/aS_IYe5JTZ4 , completely different style and classically trained

Stevie Vai .... Many other artists dude, don't make such bold claims. Like I said, did you look at what Roger Waters was doing with Jimmy Page at the time ? Very bold statement IMHO, almost troll like .., like all the other accounts that came over at a certain time.


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You are correct. These are all great too.

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Not going to sit through a minute of Menards ads to watch it

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Boo hoo my ice cream is too cold.

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ublock is your friend. It will block all youtube ads.