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"far-right fringe"

"anti-immigration, anti-European Union"

yeah, no bias there, Reuters.

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Being nice is NOT a defense in an EVIL society.

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They have four days.

Let's hope they do the right thing and wake the fuck up.

Inept financial management and threats of coming poverty if they keep voting left is probably the best say to get them anyway.

Sweden's femmy government bookkeeping tactics were rumored to be completely crooked. They should push that too.

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I'll believe it when I see it. Sweden is a country of cucks whose wives make them suck their boyfriends Muslim cock.

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the viking has awoken

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https://archive.fo/gVMka :

Immigration and welfare fears merge as Sweden lurches to the right | Reuters

'I choose welfare,” Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson said in a televised election debate. '

'Many inhabitants of this once-booming region are uneasy about asylum seekers after a large number arrived here in 2015. '

'Several online surveys indicate the anti-immigration, anti-European Union Sweden Democrats could become the largest party, overtaking the Social Democrats, who have dominated politics for the last 100 years. '

'KOPPARBERG, Sweden (Reuters) - Those wondering why Swedish politics are set to lurch to the right in Sunday’s election need look no further than Ljusnarsberg, a tiny central county of dense pine forests and glistening lakes. '

'This partly explains why mainstream parties’ shift to tougher immigration policies after the 2015 crisis has failed to win back disillusioned voters. '

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