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You are the new judge, jury and executioner in a sub I frequent and post in, how could you not expect scrutiny? It's not a perfect example of anything. Went to see your summary, then theres the big post on very hands-on modding, interest piqued, but of course I wont base a post on 1 thing you said. "Boring" or better summary and I had just replied to your OP.

How a mod behaves when the sub is small and need to attract people, might not reflect how they behave when the sub gets huge. Active SJWs are a liability and an issue, just 1 in a moderator position and the sub turns to shit. Take AskHistorians where eternalkerri deletes per ideology and needs the rest of the mods to cover for her fits every 6 months while covering it up for the users. I helped build that when it had 3 digit user count and got megatrolled constantly by GameOfTrolls clowns. In hindsight, that was energy badly spent.

Besides that, you took it well enough and I believe what you write about plans and mission for the sub, which is what I need to keep adding links and participate.

Anyway, thanks for removing spam + piracy and taking initiative, definitely appreciated. Hope it will be smooth sailing.