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You are one of the people pushing for more and stricter moderation.

You constantly mock /v/protectvoat for keeping an eye on moderators with personal agendas.

You want to be sole mod.

"Not to mention that good mods are not always the most popular ones."

"The first thing you must realize is that you will never please all the people all the time. You must lead, even if your decisions are unpopular.
Unmoderated subs are also easy targets for abuse."

"Good grief. A few pictures of butts is not an "active attack", just some clowns joking around."

"Sounds like you're the one with hurt fee-fees if you couldn't just tell them directly and instead had to create this whole new thread."

"Your definition of white privilege is false; it has nothing to do with success. Maybe this Louis CK video will break it down for you.."

"Honestly, who gives a shit. The only time I ever hear about SJWs is on this website. It's like people are obsessed with them here."

"I don't go out of my way to google stupid bullshit."

"Source: not black or a SJW but..."

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You are the new judge, jury and executioner in a sub I frequent and post in, how could you not expect scrutiny? It's not a perfect example of anything. Went to see your summary, then theres the big post on very hands-on modding, interest piqued, but of course I wont base a post on 1 thing you said. "Boring" or better summary and I had just replied to your OP.

How a mod behaves when the sub is small and need to attract people, might not reflect how they behave when the sub gets huge. Active SJWs are a liability and an issue, just 1 in a moderator position and the sub turns to shit. Take AskHistorians where eternalkerri deletes per ideology and needs the rest of the mods to cover for her fits every 6 months while covering it up for the users. I helped build that when it had 3 digit user count and got megatrolled constantly by GameOfTrolls clowns. In hindsight, that was energy badly spent.

Besides that, you took it well enough and I believe what you write about plans and mission for the sub, which is what I need to keep adding links and participate.

Anyway, thanks for removing spam + piracy and taking initiative, definitely appreciated. Hope it will be smooth sailing.