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what are they even going to do with his character next? he was trained by luke, he was trained by that sith guy, he led an army and now he got his ass kicked by a little girl who picked up a lightsaber for the first time in her life, he is completely and utterly pathetic in the eyes of everyone (and that's not even going into his emo teen look or tantrums) the best thing they can do is just kill him off at the start of the next movie and replace him with someone that isn't a complete faggot

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I personally think they'll finish this current trilogy, but they've killed the franchise, there won't be any more Star Wars movies after the currently planned trilogy and 2 spin off movies.

If you look at Star Wars, it's almost unique, 3 movies made in the 70's and 80's that inspired a fanbase so enthusiastic and loyal that they were still attending conventions and dressing up as their favourite characters 20 or 30 years later. (The only comparable fanbase would be Star Trek). There have been dozens of multi movie series over the years, and most of them were hugely popular at the time, but they've all been largely forgotten because they didn't have a fan base like Star Wars. (Films like the Matrix trilogy, The original Mad Max trilogy, The Godfather trilogy, A Fist full of Dollars, or even Twilight, were all hugely popular, but the people who like the movies have simply moved on).

And without the fanbase Star Wars would've been forgotten too, the fans have kept it in the public eye. Without the fanbase the prequel trilogy would've never been made, and certainly this current movie, 30 years after the original trilogy, wouldn't have been made either.

But if you look at the Star Wars fanbase, they're still dressing up as Stormtroopers, Han Solo, and Darth Vader from the original trilogy. Hardly anyone wants to be Qui Gon Jinn, or Naboo Guard #3.

The original Star Wars (episode IV) was made to appeal to teenage boys, it was almost a coming of age movie, a boy becoming a man. The second movie (Empire Strikes Back) was much darker and more mature, a young man finding is place in the world. The third movie (ROTJ) is about a mature man accepting his place in the world (if you ignore the ewoks).

The reason the original trilogy has such a loyal fanbase is because the movies matured with their audience. But also because it unashamedly appealed to young white men.

There's something culturally unique about young white men, it often gets derided as obsessive geekiness, it's a collective passionate desire to know everything about a subject that interests them. This obsessiveness is why young men formed computer clubs, and ham radio, and all sorts of clubs, it's why we have the internet and many other things we have today.

The original trilogy managed to inspire the young white men of it's generation, but they're pushing 50 now, and the new movies focus on female characters and diverse casting means they will fail to inspire a new Star Wars fanbase. (e.g. Twilight was huge, but young women simply don't form the sort of obsessive fan groups that young men do, no-ones going to Twilight conventions dressed as Bella Swan).

There wont be a new loyal fanbase for the new Star Wars movies, they'll fade into obscurity and be forgotten. Once the current trilogy is done, the franchise will die.