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Remember, you're not the target audience for this crap, your children are!

They'll grow up watching movies depicting a reality that is dominated by niggers, where White people have been moved to the fringes, and are depicted as either weak, dumb, unimportant, or evil. Your children will grow up in a world where White culture has been erased and replaced with diversity, where White achievements have been vilified, where interracial couples are the norm (and of course it's always a White woman with a nigger), and where a normal White family is nowhere to be seen.

That's why the "get woke go broke" cheering completely misses the point: the kikes producing this propaganda don't give a shit about whether you boycott it or not. They know it's demoralizing you, and they know your children's perception of reality will be shaped by movies like this one, and that's the whole goal.

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They label their anti-white propaganda as 'film' now?

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Disgusting. I believe Angelina is already on the list though.

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all those actors are soon going be starving...