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Is that the same as "Be Kind, Rewind"?

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I think that was an aka for that movie, it also appears in my results. OP is a faggot

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I liked that one, too. Pretty decent flick.

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Remember that one movie? Yeah that one was great.

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Directors cut? Saw it in jail. It was fucking awesome!

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I think there is a second one.

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Looks like a total of 4 movies in the series. 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2018.

[–] SpaceGhost88 ago 

Oh yeah,cool idea,nicely executed. The succubus segment got its own movie later IIRC.

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What's it called?

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Siren. I havent watched it.

[–] doesntgetsarcasm ago 

I watched a movie the other day. It was a movie about reptile people that could shapeshift from lizard form to human form. There was a part where one of them sat down with one of his victims and explained they control everything and they're the human hybrid and that they even control the banks. Just got me thinking like is there a hidden message here?

I've watched the VHS series theres like 4 of them decent movies the last one wasn't even in English.

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There is two Spanish movies called REC and REC2 I'm going to watch.

[–] BareBackOpSec ago 

How about a year or imdb link?

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just seach "horror movie VHS"

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goat, there are six results on imdb for VHS

a series of movies "V / H / S" and others

talk about a low-effort submission, you could have at least gathered some information before making a submission, maybe even posted a link to the trailer

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