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if 007 wasnt only james bond then they would be right. but as of yet i have had no evidence of no 00 numbers being recycled between, say, retired or dead agents.

as opposed to Dr Who - you could legit make Dr Who any fucking thing you like, its part of the story that the doctor regenerates and when he/she/it does its something different than it was before. Legit within the story. Go have a nigger dr who.

Bond was written specifically as a bounder white male who used his cock far more often than his gun or his brain. there is nothing not white upper class about him. so no, he cant be a nig or a woman. 007 is white male, like it or not.

fucking spin it off if you legit think theres money in it and make a new fuckin franchise, one seperate from the million and one blaxploitation movies that was pretty much exactly the same movies as the 007 movies like Shaft.

its not about recognition at all. blacks and women etc have been recognised for years and all of those groups have fucking great movies that are already theirs. it is ALL about 'gibsmedat' its like fucking children at kindergarten, there are always a couiple of whiny little cunts who mum and dad never told to shut the fuck up who whine about how they want to play with the toy that another kid has, but the kid wont play with them for whatever reason. so the teacher tells that kid to share and play with them. While the first kid gives in and will play the nig kid will still cause shit until the white kid walks away, then the nigger will drop the toy they fought so hard for exclusive access too, walk away, and hassle the next fucking white kid minding their own business.

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"you filthy wop." ian fleming

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Remember when cultural appropriation was considered evil?

Pepperidge Farms remembers!

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Beyonce should be punished for dying her hair blonde

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whats bond doing now? infilitrating africans drug gangs?

he would look a bit out of place trying to go in disguised in a mainly white owned evil organization, fucking retarded.

Are they going to have a bit where they think he is the new divirsity hire and they all fawn over him and he has to get away from the shamed.

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Well there was live and let die, with the papa shanga voodoo shit... And he was disguised through surgery as asian in another, inside a volcano lair... Really bond should be a cultural appropriating white man... I want black face bond

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probably wouldn't even try to help or revive him either, its the probably the best thing that could happen to them right now.

and all this stuff goes away, don't speak ill of hunter his dad just died!


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He does as far as I'm concerned.

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Should specify it was fucking cubby broccoli that said that

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yeah we need Kran James Bond. Can you imagine a non-white James Bond in 1960's? That how absurd it is but if we get one he shud be Korean.

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For maximum inclusion: Enter the obese tranny midget wheelchair Bond! A breath of fresh air into old quips like "You are a cunning linguist, Mistx Bond" or "I'm literally shaking, not stirring" or "No Mistx Bond: I want you to dilate." And, of course: "My name is Bond. Chantal Bond. My Pronouns to die for are xe and xim."

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Blackwashing incoming.

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