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It didn't predict 911. Jews advertised their crime. They do it all the time.

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Advertised their crime in a 1985 movie?

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The twin towers is one that REALLY was planned well in advance; the problem is that it leads people to take other coincidences or sketier connections and think the jews are all in on some long, well crafted plan, they aren't they just operate the same as they always have. There is a reason it is referred to as 9/11 and not Twin Towers or "Rise Up America Freedom Day" or some shit...Jewish numerology bullshit

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Yes, it's called telegraphing and the kikes have been doing it ever since they wrote the Christian bible...

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Nice link man!

Here is some religious guys playlist on the same topic The Open Scrolls playlist

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I thought this was a pretty awesome video and had never seen it before!

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