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I like seeing the snapshot of history in an older movie. Haven't seen The Secret of My Success but having rewatched older movies I get distracted just looking at the mundane ordinary things featured. The technology in particular really contrasts with what we have now. Like you mention the lack of computers, that's one thing to look for. Or watching any movie from the past 20 years and noting the phones. You can see the feature phones getting smaller and smaller as the years go on. Then you see smartphones make their appearance. You really notice it with laptops especially. Old PowerBooks, and iMacs, and then newer MacBook Pros. Or even CRT computer monitors switching to flatscreens (and the same goes for TVs). I've seen these things change with my own eyes in my lifetime.

Society as a whole has changed so much. There's that boomer meme about just going into a workplace and demanding a job and they'll have to hire you if you don't take no for an answer. And people laugh at the absurdity of it because that's not the way things work anymore. But I feel like for many of us, even if we aren't old enough to remember things like that, we are old enough to remember things being different and more desirable. It's really sad and depressing. Like the workplace atmosphere you mention in that movie was probably how things were for several decades at the time. But though I would have been a kid when that movie came out and would have thought that that was how adult worklife was, it's not like that at all anymore. Now the world is the way it is and what was once "normal" and presented as normal in old movies from our own lifetimes is now just a relic of the past. It's like a time capsule of what they took from us like looking at an old photograph of a dead loved one.