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Lovecraft Country - Somehow, blacks have the blood of a white family and aren’t mixed themselves. Leans heavily towards the African queen rumors and magic of Adam. It’s supposed to have themes of lovecraft intertwined, but I believe I’ve been bamboozled. A JJ Abraham’s crapfest.

[–] greiierg ago 

The trailer alone was enough evidence of race-baiting.

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Watch trailer? I just saw lovecraft and thought cthulu and octopus arms.

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Didn't realise Fargo was still going. I tried 'Raised by Ridley Scott androids'. Sucked balls and the blatant propaganda stank up the place. The Boys Comic was anti god in a cringey 2007 atheist movement way, but the show really want you to hate patriotism, although it is a bit of a laugh watching 2 kykes playing a couple of Nazi's.

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Fargo Season 4 = Laying it on thick , suppression of blacks, slaves on a plantation, whites are KKK (inherently apparently). And I think I detected some glowfaggy shit of the italians and the blacks to be in a state of constant war with whites. They've already took out the Irish.

Fargo in 1980 would have been like 99% White

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lather. rinse. repeat.

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We saw it coming decades ago, and nobody would listen....

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I mean, I can see a female android getting pregnant if someone installed an artifical womb inside her. But did she fuck a lizard or something?

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That's disgraceful