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What I also liked is how the not socially acceptable master of his craft gets fucked over by the establishment because they are cunts, sort of like real life.

It was a good movie

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I enjoyed it, and I hate new movies.

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I quite liked 1917, apart from one itty-bitty problem...


Don't believe me? Look up the "I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger" scene. Guy will be walking in a forest. As the camera pans around, you see a fucking nigger amongst the English troops. Fucking abhorrent and disgusting. Absolutely unacceptable.

It's a damn good thing the rest of the movie was well done.

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1917 was over rated and they still managed to diversify the characters

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I haven't seen the movie but there were blacks fighting on the French side.

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I would recommend Zulu and the old waterloo movie. Every extra in those old war movies are real and adds to the excitement.

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They did a good job in Zulu of portraying the discipline of the English infantrymen, which is what kept them alive when the niggers were attacking. I didn't like the ending, which implied that the niggers could have beaten the English soldiers if they had wanted to. No, they tried, and tried their hardest, and they failed. The English beat them.

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Way too many white men and masculinity. Needs diversity and a stronk woman.

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Not one mention of the Holocaust.

Disgusting film.

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Honestly, i blame the white supremacist Winston Churchill.

Dood wrote thousands of pages about WW2, not a single mention of the hcost.

He musta either been outa the loop, or in on it.

Lets take down his statue. Fucker was probably the first Russian troll, conspired with Russians en sech.

(Btw, my understanding about bankers and him is pretty much all that is publicly known, and ya, more sarcasm. Fuck was bought by (((?)))).

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and architecture

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Fucking architecture.

Had forgotten about THAT particular white privilege shit show.


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One time I was on the beach and somebody made a sand castle city. It was New York with the twin towers falling. That’s some sandy architect

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I would agree with you except for the fact that Carol Shelby was depicted by Matt Damon and the two really aren't that alike Carol Shelby was a badass. The way Matt plays him is much more consistent with today's effeminate males. Christian Bale playing Ken Miles, That was a little closer. But growing up and knowing the story it was definitely made for Hollywood and they ignored a lot of parts especially around Enzo. This was more of a pro Ford movie.

If you guys like that check out the documentary McLaren. Bruce McLaren was also another legendary guy that formula 1 owes him a ton.

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imo damon played shelby more like he was later in life, laid back. but christ, he flew 4 different bombers in ww2! that is remarkablel.

also, everything about the story was compressed and little detail on the other teams getting gt40s in parallel. that said i enjoyed it.

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Follow it up with this absolutely awesome 1966 movie

Fucking incredible camera work for the time and walk ins by Graham Hill, Sir Jack Brabham and a bunch of other fucking legends.

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I wouldn't have watched a movie about a race, but this looks excellent.

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dont get me wrong its still got a lovey dovey storyline in there somewhere but the camerawork was amazing and im a life long formula 1 fan. really fucking difficult thing to make an interesting movie for that non race fans would actually watch and that race fans would actually enjoy at the same time. not easily compatible.

thankfully theres enough history in that sport that the truly amazing stories have all written themselves and for a movie made in 66 its even got shades of the true aftermath of Niki Lauda's accident 10 years later really did cause.

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Sweet. I'm gonna watch this. Thanks man

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no worries.

Rush isnt bad either, especially when you remember that James Hunt was a legit full on bounder if he was meant to be sitting in a car for something and wasnt there, he was either downing a bottle of something or in a garage fucking someones wife. Barry Sheene was the same thing at the same time.

Great story and a pretty well done movie.

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LeMans was hardly a real race course back then. It still really isn't for the most part today. Like 90% of it is public roads. 100% of it was public roads back then, and not particularly interesting roads either. Nowadays they have some purpose built racing sections but its not great.

Nurburgring's Nordschleiffe, on the other hand is now 100% dedicated racing circuit, and it is glorious. Isle of Man race track, like LeMans's Circuit la Sarthe, is comprised of public roads, however, unlike La Sarthe, it's actually an interesting circuit to drive.

I will give LeMans this, it its very good in terms of overtaking and battling. But it is boring. Fewer than 30 corners on a 14km track if you exclude safety chicanes. For reference, Nordschleife has 150 corners over 20km and no chicanes anywhere.

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My only real complaint I have was the the Daytona race. The Daytona race was suppose to show that Miles was the best driver. But Miles was losing at the end. The only reason he won was Shelby "broke" the rules and told Miles he could raise the rev limit. If the other driver was allowed to do the same Miles would have lost. So basically the only thing the Daytona race proved was Miles was not the best driver. Just a small plot hole that irks me.

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Check out Rush (2013) about the rivalry between formula one drivers Hunt and Lauda in the 70s. If you liked FvF I can practically guarantee you will like that one.

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