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I wonder if that's because it has an 80's scifi motif? Nah, couldn't be that.

Edit: cool pic though

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It's the subtle yet intentional placement that makes it a red pill. Those references are exactly what the rest of the picture is doing, brainwashing the masses.

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As well as a They Live character shown in the image. That's 5 references.

Whereas all the other references do seem to be to a singular instance of a film - Robocop, Ghostbusters, Bladerunner, Tron, Alien, Starwars, Evil Dead, Back to the Future, The Warriors, Akira, Rocky Horror.

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Nice breakdown! I missed the Evil Dead reference, where is that?

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There's an S-Mart reference on the right-side. Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!

BTW, the TV directly touching Robocop's head - That image is familiar - I just can't place it.

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The logo on the cab - King Kong Cab Company - is a reference to Taxi Driver. Bickle's Marine unit in Vietnam was the King Kong Company.

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I'm ready to begin again in my new life that awaits me in the off-world colonies.