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His analysis of Pleasantville as an allegory for the biblical garden of eden story was legitimately fantastic.

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These are my favorite videos. Devon stack is awesome.

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Do you think he walks among us

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I don't know. This is a strange place, anyone could be here.

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I absolutely loved the scene in Children of Men when they blocked their car and shot the hero protagonist lady in the forehead. I wasn't watching it with the framework it's sjw propaganda, just saying it impacted me in the story.

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Best part and this movie is still one of my favorites.

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You know why?

Because it's a long shot. Long shots are imersive. Look them up

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almost 95% of jew hollywood movies are fucking anti white, pro diversitu, pro immigration propaganda...

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The future is black and female aka obese and loud.

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I love this guy. God bless Mr. Stack!!!!

[–] Putzmiester ago 

I reserve my blessings until he releases the sequel to his book. It ended way too abruptly.

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I'm actually quite fond of the movie in spite of all the globo-homo shit, and the shitty spiteful pregnant jogger co-lead.

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Me, too. It's really pretty decent dystopian fiction.

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I saw it in theaters. It came out at a time way before the modern commie sjw bullshit, but I remember thinking this movie is a warning. It is 100% globohomo propoganda but it was 100% accurate in predicting the future. Its so dystopian that my girlfriend cried afterwards. It seemed so unrealistic but I knew it was coming.

[–] PontarBewsar ago 

One other thing that didn't make sense (but was obviously shoved in to voice the lefty directors world-view) was the immigration BS. Like any nation will institute border control to anything other than criminal elements if the world population is shrinking. So Dumb. On the other hand it did provide the setting for that scene that gets me every time, the sequence where the army and the rebels stop fighting to let the the protag exit the building with the baby. Chokes me up.

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Awesome. It's been a while since he's done a movie review. I can't wait for his comprehensive simpsons review.

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