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Jews aren't creative. They have to reuse the same old tropes because its the only way they can spew their propaganda. I can't believe people still watch this shit.

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Most new movies are garbage, it takes a lot just for me to give them a chance.

Right now I am checking out David Lynch's Twin Peaks series. Made in the 90's before everything was so woke.

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Bwahaha. "Cute red dress" includes Tootsie.

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Well, that one movie is called The Eye, so that one makes sense anyway.

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it's almost too bad to have learned about subversion. it's all so transparently manipulative now.

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That’s ok. Their new trend of no white people will be fresh for a bit.

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The back to back movies are the worst.

This sounds like a good theme night for /v/movieswithgoats

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Compare that with movie posters from the 1940s to the 1960s, which are composed almost entire of the actors' faces or are generally somewhat related to the theme of the movie. The difference is that movies from 60-80 years ago were about people and their interactions and had actual plots. You can tell that thematically movies have changed considerably from being plot driven to concept driven.

  • Big head in the sky: Romance or romantic comedy
  • From the back: Action or revenge
  • Big text of faces: Human interest story
  • Back to back: Romantic comedy
  • In bed: Sex romp
  • Through the legs: Includes a vamp
  • Big eye: Horror
  • Blue: Nature
  • Running for their lives: Action getaway
  • Cute red dress: Whore




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Hell, even Bee Movie has this plot and the jew is a fucking insect.

This quote is funny, even unintentionally.

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100% RIGHT !!!!

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