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I watched a partial of a few of the links. Sorry I even saw that much. This is nauseating and disgusting! If someone isn't arrested for this then as the old saying goes, "we're going to hell in a hand basket." The parents should also be arrested. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL FILTH !!!

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I will read the text descriptions. I'm not watching this shit though. Same reason I don't click on extreme gore video links.

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I've spent thousands of hours watching extreme gore videos.

I won't spend two minutes watching clips from this movie.

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Even I didn't watch the movie all at once and saw most of it in my peripheral vision, that was bad enough. Watched it just enough to get the times where to make clips.

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One of the things I found particularly disturbing -- obviously since it's a surrendermonkey film, (((they))) chose to dub it in English to accommodate a wider (((audience))).

They clearly used fully-grown women to voice female children, not that the alternative is any better. But just hearing the painfully bad mimicry of a child's voice from (probably) eggless jewish harpies is in of itself revolting.

It reminds me of the Dateline: To Catch a Predator shows where on occasion, they'll show some pedo grooming the decoy over the phone or whatever. It's the same behavior -- a baby-talking adult mimicking a child's voice. Same with most of them when they enter the decoy home -- more baby talk and cooing, exactly like this.

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Thank you. I looked at some of these. This is total child abuse.

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I don't remember a fat kid on the poster. Wonder why they left her out?

[–] blumen4alles [S] ago 

She starts off dancing with the rest but is then suddenly omitted too. I wondered about her as well. Some fat girl is pushed into a canal, not sure if that is the same girl though.

[–] iamhappy ago 

Oh wow! Just wow! I'm speechless.

[–] LibertyV ago 

Beyond the obvious...

It's a film in France, and yet the main characters are 2 niggers, a sand nigger, and only one actual French girl.

The diversity is perverse and kills suspension of disbelief.

[–] iamhappy ago  (edited ago)

France actually has one of the highest populations of people of African descent outside of the African continent. It's not that shocking really.