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gonna go wash my eyes out with thermite now.

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Leave some for me, please. This hydrochloric acid isn't doing the trick.

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Best comment:

So Epstein didn’t kill himself after all. He is hiding in France and working as an executive producer for Netflix.

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If you thought that was bad, remember, he said he was only showing the tamest clips from the movie. He said there are many scenes in it that are much, much worse.

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Read this instead.


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All Hollywood producers and directors must die.

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That's anti semitic

[–] Helena73 ago 


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Execute them all. Hell cannot come fast enough. I fucking hate them.

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Tucker played a dance clip a few days ago. Anyone who has watched a porn flick will recognize the moves. No need to watch the movie to know it is filth.

[–] auto_turret ago 

I couldn't finish the video. Had to shut it off after the first "dancing" clip. That ain't dancing. That's what strippers do on stage.

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Wow that was pretty fucked up.

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Stopped when he showed the kids "dancing"... think I'm still on a list now.

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I can't listen to some youtube for 20 minutes rail on about the same thing but holy crap were those clip inappropriate.

I'm betting jew. Jew writer, jew producer, jew director.

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Writer/Director is a Race carding negress who is obviously is obviously a Pedo lesbian. The producer on the other hand is Sylvain de Zangroniz, and his Wiki biography keeps getting deleted, so obviously of Jewish decent. Pedo by default.

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The director is French with Israeli dual citizenship

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Yeah, I wished he just clipped it to just the clips.

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Just a few years ago this movie would have gotten DOST violations and arrests . . .

Good review btw

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