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Watch Spirited Away instead

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I usually hate that anime shit, but that was a good one.

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Wife: "But it's #1 on Netflix..."

Response: Netflix also publishes softcore child porn. Their ranking is invalid, and we're cancelling the account.

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Fun fact: Hillary Swank already played a mission commander on an experimental ship’s journey to the center of the Earth in 2003’s “The Core”. And the token nigger in that one was also the genius scientist that came up with the whole concept. However, the rest of the crew were white guys, amazingly, and not incompetent lunatics, which is why you know it was made in a prior decade. Not a bad cheesy disaster flick actually, if you can get over the completely absurd premise and Hillary Swank. The cast is otherwise excellent. Check it out.

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Lol! GF and I are watching it now, jewflix. Well im not really watching, lol!

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My octopus teacher was good also