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Oliver Stone won an oscar for Platoon. Good movie, kind of showed how vietnam was bullshit. Then he made JFK which I liked when I didn't know more about the murer of the resident. Since then he has made whitewashed bullshit, Nixon, W, Snowden, none of these movies show anything close to the truth of those people. So that made me revisit JFK which yes is bullshit. I think the rich man's trick guy also got it right except for not naming jews much. He showed how WWII was caused by Harriman but didn't mention he was jewish. And acted like 6 million died. But I think JFK did get shot from the storm drain.

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Israeli Intelligence agent & explosives smuggler Arnon Milchan, produced Medusa Touch (about planes hitting US skyscrapers) and Fight Club bombs blowing up skyscrapers from the basement.

He was also producer for Oliver Stone’s, JFK, during which Stone became increasingly frustrated at having to rewrite and rewrite parts of the script.