[–] wunderlost ago 

so, the Disney pandering to the Chinese government works? but the people themselves complain about how the movie isn't "Chinese enough," like how does one get "Chinese enough?"

the way I see it, it's the Chinese government's half-assed effort to "support" Disney, with its Mulan remake flopping like never before. 23M opening on a 200M budget?

[–] HeavyBrain ago 

Completly passed me by.

How woke is it, why the backlash and how do the chinks fit in? (aka how the movie not censored to chinks standrats for pandering)

[–] TheGreatWhiteHope ago 

Of course the critics just love this movie.😏

The viewers reviews tells another story though: as always.

[–] Dougydoug ago 

Ha ha good. Hope this chink remake fails