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Ru Paul's Aj and the Queen on Netflix is literally a guide on how to take a kid on a quasi legal fashion and traffick them around the country in order to sell them.

Ru Paul meets junkie's daughter in need and distress(common if you live around junkies) and mom stays junked up from whoring. Often child molesters will give moms 'help' in order to feed their addiction to keep them high and unaware then it later becomes a payoff. If the mom becomes upset later and unhappy with the arrangement, it's easy enough to get a drug addict locked up.

Ru Paul meets junkies little girl that is dressed as a boy. She has recently been made homeless. Ru Paul is nice to the girl and then she sneaks into her van during her roadtrip(easy enough to be sweet to a kid and trick them into following you) Then Ru tells a cop friend after she/he has the girl(this is an unofficial CYA) Ru Paul and AJ go to drag shows where she and other men are getting undressed as men then dressed as women in front of the girl. This is not only exposing the girl to perversions but also recruiting potential Johns. The girl also 'accidentally' finds the porn and dildos...all of this is just showing people with these fantasies how to groom children....especially if you are a 'gay' drag queen. As we've seen being a trans or cross dresser can be a great cover for a pedo. Then there leaving this girl around people Ru Paul hardly knows...this is also a guaranteed way to get a kid molested while having a level of denial(oh I just left her with friend X for 30 minutes!!!) This is also how to test kids, how they handle it emotionally and if they will say anything at all about it. The whole thing is a show right out of the NAMBLA playbook and the show is dressed as a feel good and heart warming comedy but it's actually an insiduous societal heart worm. Another purpose it has is to make this okay and more acceptable among single moms and soccer moms. Unforunately, it has done its job all too well.

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The first one of these movies that always comes to mind when discussing this shit is Kids.

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There is an opening scene of a twelve year old girl getting fucked by a HIV positive Jew.

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So, par for the course.

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And this one: https://decider.com/2019/03/15/girl-movie-netflix-controversy-explainer/

Shows naked 15 year boy drag thing.

And also this one: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/desire-netflix-backlash-child-pornography-masturbation-1201979559/

5 year old girl humping a pillow in a sexual way.

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It isnt about the storyline of the movie or the parts the child actors play.

The objection to Cuties is about a director of a movie getting several 11 year old girls to do sexual shit in front of a camera.

The pedos jacking off to the movie don't give a shit about the movies narritive.

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Moonrise Kingdom

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That is a good movie and does not feature gratuitous shots.

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BIG is a pedophile movie and has always creeped me out

And now we all know tom hanks is pedo, so BIG makes even more sense now as a pedo movie

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I saw "Happiness" about 20 years ago and I regret watching it. It's one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. One of the characters is the father of a 11 year old boy who is obsessed with teen aged boys and eventually drugs and rapes a friend of his son's. To the director's credit, the pedophile is found out and (I think, I don't quite remember) is killed by vigilantes who didn't want him to be tried for his crimes. It's one of the bleakest, most depressing movies I've ever seen.

Edit: Just looked up the directors.

"Happiness": (((Todd Solendz)))

"The Squid and the Whale": (((Noah Baumbach)))

"My Life as a Dog": Lasse Hallström (not a jew, but his movie is still deviant)

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no one seems to be mentioning American Beauty.

Turns out thats actually a Spacey biopic they just switched out a little boy with a teen girl.

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