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Hahaha this is good stuff man. It feels like the movie is a parody but it's real

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It's so fucking hilarious to see normie kiked retards speaking so confidently. They really think they understand the shit they're babbling about.

Like the idiot in the Hillary clip trying to explain kek. Ohhhhh, it's so complex and complicated, it's gamer lingo, no one understands it, it's not like it's a derivative of "lol" that went on to spawn numerous iterations.

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Glad you found it funny. I really have a better understanding of Matt now. Kinda feel sorry for him in a way. Crazy how they are still reeeeeing from Trump getting elected, there is a shot of Trump tower that I didn't include in the ADL clip where he pushes in the kikes chair at the end. I would have called that kike every name in the book before I left and definitely not pushed in his chair for him.

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I don't understand why anyone would want to see this. Listening to these (((white))) guys whine, I couldn't even get through the preview. Every single one of them had a whiney, weak tone and a lisp. It sounds like they're all crying while begging to suck dick at the same time. To these clowns every second is a chance to get some pity cock. Odd how women do this all the time but it never enrages masculine guys until a fem man does it. I'd rather watch cockroaches fuck on top of a dead fat man's ass than listen to these cum drunk fools for an hour.


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that is just the trailer

sit tight I will upload some good clips asap

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That tone though....uhh...ewww...ahhh...

I'll watch them and try to tolerate.

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YTS has this if you want to torrent it: https://yts.mx/movies/feels-good-man-2020

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Great share, no idea this was a thing. Thanks.

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Welcome, I saw it pop up on usenet a few days ago, finally got a chance to watch it. Lots of stuff about 4chan in it, news clips I have never seen.

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As soon as catbox cooperates I will upload some good clips. Matt Furie is a big pussy. There are some pics in the documentary showing him dressed up like a woman. There is also a pic when Furie was a kid wearing a pink shirt. Lots of jews in this too. I laughed my ass off reliving memories of 4chan's antics, and Furie & co are still crying about Trump being elected. Watch this if you can!


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I hate the little zio-cunt Alex Jones with a passion, but he's right about one thing though. Frogs are gay.