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The worst is Liet Kynes is now black “jus cuz.” Liet is white in the book. Fremen are some arab mix not Zendaya black which makes Javier Bardem’s Stilgar not make any sense...same with Spanish Leto with Jew Paul. Hawaiian Duncan Idaho. Diversity fucking sucks. Atreidies are clearly white in the book...

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Is Kynes still a black woman in the movie? I read about that a while ago.

The only description of Dr. Kynes' physical appearance in the book is "Chani's bearded father". So while it's not a huge stretch to make the Freman look Arabic, because they evolved in a desert environment, what is the point of changing the gender?

I think it's because of the importance of Kynes. While he is a minor character, his actions literally set up the entirety of the series and create the conditions that allow the Atreides rise to godhood.

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Yes Kynes is black and they said the reason was that it “Didn’t matter.” It does. It shows that Chani would be Fremen Arab or whatever mix and not black.

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Kynes is almost a john the baptist to Paul’s messiah. He creates a vision to transform Dune even if he isnt that prominent in the action. He’s also a brilliant scientist. Which is rare in the real world . How many black women scientists have made truly breakthrough discoveries?

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Atreidies are clearly white in the book...

Do you have a source for that? IIRC, the book never makes their race clear. If it did, I missed that on multiple rereads.

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The books mention the Atreides' "olive skin", so they're either black or green, I guess.

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It’s not really elaborated but if you spent five minutes googling, you can find out the name Atreides is a play on Atreus, King of Argos, a Greek. In God Emperor of Dune, Leto mentions the house was direct descendants. In Heretics, the Atreides are described as having long, sharp noses (Aquiline) and high foreheads.

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d grew up in the federally subsidized artists' building Manhattan Plaza, in Hell's Kitchen.[6][7

Fucking leech

His mother, Nicole Flender, is a third-generation New Yorker of Russian Jewish and Austrian Jewish descent.[8]

Ahhh of course he's a leech

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Goddamn it all to hecc!! The fuckin aliens cast a kike. Fuck this timeline

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The kid did pretty well as the king of england.

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bets in for all the Harkonnens being the whitest motherfuckers around...

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Yeah, Dave Bautista as "Beast" Rabban.

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Wtf is Bautista? Is he some kind of spic? He doesnt look totally white.

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stellan Skaarsgard as Baron Harkonnen . Does it get whiter?!

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Dune is Islamic propaganda

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It always hit me as Heb propaganda. Noble lost tribes in the desert awaiting their moment to ascend to their rightful place.

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The book/movie or both?

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Both. The book is full of arabic words and phrases, and allusions to Islam.

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It looks absolutely ridiculous. The woke must flow. Look how bloated Momoa looks.

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I always thought the Bene Geserits were supposed to be the Jews in the books. Secret society. They “create” religion, instigate certain superstitions among the Fremen (hapless goy), manage blood lines. Matrilineal.

But they cant control their own creations.

In god emperor, Liet II says “They were the only group I ever seriously considered wiping out”

The Ixians are supposed to be chinks or japs I guess.

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I could not get past half the trailer.

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