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Didn't check the actor's bios but plot is jewless.

i.e. no fags, no multicultural agenda, and is based around Nordic mythology.

Also did not see any steins or bergs in the credits.

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It sucks that it just continues the trend of them worming their way into white culture to take it as their own. It is nice that they didn't shove a bunch of nigs into it.

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Nobody wants to watch jews or a jewish plot. Nice try though Hymie.

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Yeah, pretty good movie. The other movie the director did was pretty good too. Troll hunters was the movie. Check that one out too.

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Thanks, downloading now.

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Minor character

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Like I said, one amorphous brown who is the antagonist and she's portrayed as 'American'.

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The movie is OK. It's a little unsatisfying at the end.

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why is the main character not Scandinavian?

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Don't know didn't write it. They just address it as 'he's an American backpacker'. Might be a way to introduce conflict by having him be a bit of an outsider compared to the locals.

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sounds jewspicious to me :P

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Is it in theatres?

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Don't think so, I found it via torrent search by accident.

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Thank you for the recommend. It was not great but it was good. Not degenerate.