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But the Oscar statuette is a typical Aryan, muscular, alpha male nazi. They must remake it with boobs, penis, beer belly, black lips, asian eyes and arabic beard, with a kebab in one hand and a dildo in the other.

[–] LAGoddes ago 


don't forget wide and opened asshole, because it was an undefined person who was looking for its identity while consuming black cocks all the way

[–] ardvarcus ago 

They'll change Oscar into the Willendorf Venus.

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if we outlaw fed reserve bailing out hollywood this ends overnight

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It's really getting weird when Jews place pushing an agenda over making money!

[–] Conspirologist [S] ago 

It already happened in Russia.

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Oh I see they'll "address international pictures separately". That's good, I was going to say the last best picture winner had nothing but Koreans in it. Not very diverse!

Really though, why would you want to tune into a jewish circle jerk?

[–] 0369Retired ago 

I LOVE watching a good movie. The big takeaway from this is the "good movie" is now dead because it is now replaced by SJW bullshit. The studios/actors/producers all want to be recognized by the "awards" cabal, so the studios will now only make movies to meet the SJW mandates for consideration. Good movies are now a thing of the past. Many will argue that good movies have been dead for a long time, hollywierd lacks creativity, no new ideas, etc. I agree with all of that, but every now and then something special comes out and is enjoyable to watch. Those days are over for good. Thanks, assholes!

New plan: buy more good movies on DVD, buy high quality popcorn popper/supplies to replicate movie theater popcorn, get a good surround sound system and have my own movie nights at home. Screw 'em!

[–] greiierg ago 

So going forward we can expect every best picture to be average at best. Not like we relied on the Oscars to judge honestly. Watch what you want, they have minor influence on the art of film making.

[–] robot7247 ago 

Perhaps 15 years since I flipped through it. Like ML sports, it went into the NFG hopper a long time ago.

[–] ardvarcus ago 

This is the final fuckitude for Jewliwood. They have fucked themselves to death. No longer is merit the goal. No longer is being the best the most worthy and most celebrated. Now Jewliwood intends to overtly celebrate niggers for ... what? For their niggerhood. Liberal leftists have been doing it in the streets for years, so now Jewliwood is going to hand out prizes for it. You're a nigger? You get a prize. Doesn't matter what the quality of your work is -- as long as you show up, you get a prize. How can even liberals (as dumb as they are) not see that this is terminally retarded?

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