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For $100,000 a year I'll walk around Disney properties with a Trump hat and an IOTBW shirt on. That should help weed them out.

[–] wunderlost ago 

hey can I tug along with you? haha. Disney apparently tried to please a god that does not give a damn about them. They kept mum on Liu Yifei's stand on Hong Kong, didn't mention anything about their Xinjiang location (where the reeducation camps are), only to find in the end that the Chinese moviegoing market is not pleased with their Mulan.

if they had Mushu, they same way they got Genie in Aladdin, nope, maybe still nope.

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Not because they disagree with them but because nobody wants to watch their shit anymore and they're losing money.

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Good, let their empire crumble

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He adds, “The slack attitude and tacit support implied by silence that emboldened these woke wonders to hijack the corporate message and subvert corporate profits is no more.”

Corporate message? What is the corporate message of Jew-owned and Jew-run Disney, other than "hate white people."

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Which disney willingly went along with.

If disney had profit losses, that's fucking disney's fault. Disney showed their true colors and alledgedly ridding themselves of "SJWs" will not change that fact. Disney is trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

Disney should have considered the consequences before they sided with the enemy.

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they sided with an enemy that's not eager to side with them. that's sad.

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In Egypt Pharaohs appointed all heads of business. It was usually family members or deals made with competing families or nations. Worked the same way in feudal England and worked the same way in Mao's China or Stalin's Russia. It's always about business. No matter what, oil is pumped, crops are grown and gems are mined. Whether they realize it or not, Communists are going to make this way of doing business a reality again. They are fighting for an ultra Jewish dominated oligarchy in what is already a Jewish dominated corporatist nation. They are taking what is already largely a banana Republic and turning it into a total sham.

Any CEO who is good at anything other than playing a smiling shark and fucking people over(very few) should realize quickly that they are not safe. Their business is not safe. Their industry in general is not safe and their wealth is not safe. This is true whether they're white, Jewish or black. They may get in group and preferential treatment as a Jew but as the govt collapses so goes the economy and Hollywood isn't exactly the center of the movie universe anymore. The Chinese and Indian people have their own Hollywoods and are hardly begging Noseberg and Gaystein to come bang out pedo and trans filled superhero movies for them. Neither is Africa or black America. They make most of their sheckels off dumb goy. This is partially why you see them escalating 'the plan' because so many of us, even before Covid quit paying to watch their filth. But all they're doing is shooting us while also shooting themselves in the foot. As a white CEO of say, Chik-Fil-A your situation becomes infinitely worse because you will be thrown to the wolves first. Your wealth, home, business, all will be taken and there is nowehere you will move to where your assets are safe. In fact, that slag shoe shiner we saw, entirely possible that in 4 years he may very well be shining nigger shoes for a living. If a Jew CEO or private banker goes OOB they'll at least get to keep their wealth and get preferential living situation here or overseas and preferential investment/job opportunities. All Goy will be fed to the golems 1st.

Anyone who has profited from this capitalist system, even the corporatists and government contractors should all be donating against this SJW agenda. Instead, they had a knee jerk reaction and hyper funded Soros's open and admitted efforts to overthrow the US govt and kill all whites world wide. He has publicly admitted this many times. We are already seeing what Soros funded DAs, governors, judges and mayors are doing across the country. Any CEO of Nike or Reebok or Chick-Fil-A or basically anyone that isn't Wal Mart, Google, Amazon or Mcdonalds should be fighting this tooth and nail.

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First it would have to fire all the Jews who own and run the company.

[–] A_Punkass_Bitch ago 

that would leave like one janitor with a pegleg

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Who is married to a kikess....

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So long as (((China))) is in the mix, it's a fool's errand. Priorities.

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click bait bs

[–] goatboy ago 

Makes sense.