[–] WolfgangBlack ago 

Sounds like a lame ass movie.

Lame ass complicated plot with a nigger lead and stupid contrived plot that sucks.


[–] habitual2 ago 

Incredibly difficult to hear a lot of the dialogue. Characters with stupid accents talking in front of loud motors, wearing gas masks, over radio static. How does that kind of thing happen? No one who saw this before it was released could tell?

But the worst part was the plot. Details were totally incomprehensible, but I caught enough of it to tell how boring it was. You can tell the guy writing it has his head up his ass over how smart he thinks he is.

[–] Joe10jo ago 

I dated his brother in the early 90’s. Met Christopher a time or two. Typical Brit.

[–] Flabbygasted ago 

Saw this at the drive in last night. SUCKED

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