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Not anymore, it's the phones.

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its called the electric jew for a reason

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When I was a kid and watching TV my father would come around and tell me to "turn off that idiot box!"

Now 20 years later, I'm saying it to him every time I visit and he is planted in his chair in front of the damn thing.

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Parents get high on the power trip of their will overtaking someone elses domain, and who else would be receptive to obey them when they have a history of punishment by deprivation and pain

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Can say the same about reddit,voat and phucks.

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Talmudvision, aka "The Electric Jew".

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Katy Perry could’ve been a great mother. Jewish subversion at its finest.

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Could never figure out her marriage to Russell Brand. Since he divorced her however I came to a completely different conclusion. He wanted no part of where she was going and got the hell out. Since divorce he's remarried and has 2 kids. On one of his shows he talks about how life changing that was and how his purpose now was for them. Quite amazing for him while Perry continues down the toilet.

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She has no shame.

Full throttle sell out whore.

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