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Definitly. The cuts the producers took out before release, the black mass and orgies filmed at the Rotschilds castle they own in France( set to be in the u.s. for the film). All the hints from Tom Cruize boss about the higher ups of the power that be. All the pedo rainbows, sex traffiking/ blackmailing and Mkultra reference. Also, did you know the actors werent even aware of what the film was about? Like they went on set and read the script part they had to play right before filming. No one had the scenario, Kubrik had legaly total control on the film due to his acquired notoriety and this masterpiece was his fuck you reverence to hollywood. He made sure that there would be no leaks about his final cut of the movie only to have about 30 to 50 minutes cut out of it because the kikes wouldnt release it, Kubrik could have sued them for this but then he died...The actors went totaly blind filming scenes they had no idea how everything was gonna unfold...

Edit Also wanted to add that its because the actors didnt really know about the whole final product they looked so out of context and every talking scenes look so strange, they didnt had a guinding line, just played the 5 minutes they were told to, and thats also why the whole movie feels like dialogue and props are all subliminal, because IT WAS...for the whole crew on set, nobody had any fucking idea what they were doing, Kubrik himself edited the film back in order lol

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the actors didnt really know about the whole final product

Makes sense why none of the acting synced for me. The 2 leads felt disjointed. The whole movie was surreal and I was like, "meh" - didn't understand the big deal over the movie. I might have to go back to watch it to see it new eyes now.

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That may be true, but I also read a CDAN that claimed Kubrick confided in Kidman and Cruise about what he knew and why he was doing the movie. It didn't say if either of them sold him out. It wouldn't matter though since the studio saw the final cut and knew everything from it, hence the demand for the edits. Don't forget Kidman's father was a HUGE paedo, was charged with it in Australia and ended up taking the suicide road. I just read another blind item stating Kidman is trying like hard to find all the "evidence" her father left behind.

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you saw the real elite in action and how it was kept from the masses.

the shining is filled with moon references. i think because he also filmed that.

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Lets not forget that kubrick was fully jewish. If you believe in the myth of the good jew, you havent done enough research.

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No one chooses what they are born as. There are Jewish people that hate their own culture and realize how things really are and fight against it because they want to TRY to leave the world in a better place.

The problem with the Jews is one of culture. The ideas and "standards" passed on by their disgusting Talmud is the reason for their propensity for greed and incest and is why they are so reviled.

Some of these people can fight against it if they develop their minds and question everything but it is exceedingly rare and offers no benefits to those that go through with it other than not being a piece of shit with disgusting connections, friends, and opportunities.

I think the man just genuinely wanted to make movies and found himself in the wrong places due to his popularity. No one makes a movie like Eyes Wide Shut and actually approves of the shit featured within, especially when they "die of a heartattack" conveniently afterwards.

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Exactly, I think it was one of those 'let's see how much we can throw in the face of the goy' arrogance things, but his fellow bagel eaters knew it would be too edgy

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So why'd they kill him then?

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"hitler was right about almost everything" google it

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Kubrik was famous for changing the script last minute. On the set of The Shining, Jack Nicholson said "I don't even bother reading the original script anymore, I just wait till he hands me his revised version." as Kubrik was typing away on a typewriter at the same table.

Probably for good reason.

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Could have been that he changed the script last minute. But it seems more likely that he was forced to change it last minute in an article he stated that the production company would not release it due to some of the explicit content.

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the shining exposes the moon landing. it is there for the keen eye.

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I love rainbows, but absolutely hate pedophilia (and generally just entirely ignore gays). Watch it, there's a big difference between those two things, though it does look like someone has an interest in trying to tie them all together.

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That's why we need to take the flag back. Once we get rid of that, they have nothing.

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Kubrick was a jew.

He made Nabakov's Lolita into a movie about a 48 year old man "in love" with a 12 year old girl.

When he said the world was run by pedophiles he was probably referring to himself.

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when mad old uncle mel said hollywood is paid for with the blood of children he wasnt fucking about

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When and where did he ever fucking say this?

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Jews often defect and turn on their own. Benjamin Freedman, David Cole, Stephan Molyneux

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I don't think Molyneux is even part kike. I think he claimed it so he could skate for a while longer on social media without getting shut down.

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No, they promote a subversion of the truth to save themselves.

[–] AgentSakura ago 

Turncoats still can never be fully trusted.

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Kubrick's life is an interesting one, of being affiliated with the highest circles, and then turning his back on them. This is basically the story told in Barry Lyndon, an imposter that tries to become part of the upper crust, but fails.

This is also what the character Bill in Eyes Wide Shut represents. A man who is OF SERVICE to the elite, when their hookers overdose in Bill's case, and in Kubrick's case, when they need someone to film/photograph their orgies/events/fake Moon landings, but not a real member of the club. Not part of the Inner Circle.

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But yes there are several reports that Kubrick was a pedo

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Never heard that before...

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Movie was a pressure valve, giving us vague information we already knew, disguised as exclusive, inside look in secret societies. Tip of an iceberg they want us to see.

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Highly unlikely. See vivid explanation in this ATS piece:


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Great link, many thanks.

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Thanks. I authored it myself.

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I'd love to see the original cut of the movie. And I'd kill to see what Kubrick wanted to put in the movie but knew he would never get away with.

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apparently one of the cut scenes was the ending where Tom Cruises daughter becomes sacrificed as a way of warning him to not speak out.

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The ending in the dept store hints at that, their daughter walks away with two old guys who were at the party early on in the film.

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I heard their were children at these orgies. I do not know, obviously. But the end of the movie, at the toy store, there where two men from earlier in the party and it is hinted at that the parents gave their daughter away to them.

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I recall they cut it without his consent and the legal contract the kikes signed up for. Kubrik probably discovered what happen to his movie on the release date. He was probably gonna sue them all for this but again...he died

[–] northlord ago 

i think i read the cut footage vanished / caught fire

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There’s a video down the page that breaks it down.

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I think he knew he was dying anyways so he decided to just tell the truth as directly as possible. That film should be treated as a documentary.

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apparently it was filmed at a rothschild mansion

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Yes, it was the Rothchild owned Château de Ferrières, it was also used as main set in Polanski's "9th Gate"- that's where I remember it from, especially the firepits that line the entirety of the driveway.

All of those creepy Rothchild Illuminati party pics are from that mansion.


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Right? THey simply would have disallowed it instead of killing him. Absurd. The other writer is still alive.

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