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As is often the case, I mostly agree with his views.

I personally enjoyed it. To give it a grade, though, I think it was okay, but no better than just okay.

It suffered from what a lot of movie adaptations suffer from. It had a complex story to tell which couldn't really fit comfortably into the format of a standard length film. Additionally, some elements of the source material simply couldn't be translated properly to the different medium.

The result was a movie hard to follow for people unfamiliar with the source material. So they found it unsatisfying. Meanwhile, the changes necessary to turn it into a film also made it disappointing for the people familiar with the source material.

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The best parts of that movie was when rorschach had screentime.

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You don't seem to understand... I'm not locked up in here with you, YOU'RE ALL LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!

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And a couple flashback scenes with The Comedian but yeah, Rorschach killed it.

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It was a flawed movie that could have been a lot worse. At least the main characters weren't race swopped like the dog shit woke tv series about white nationalists lynching innocent Americans.

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I got through 1.5 eps on HBO and stopped.

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From an intellectual and as he puts it "deconstructionist" investigation into humanity, society and human nature it was a very interesting film. I think it was a good investigation of what various archetypes would do if "they had the power" and explored the question of what and how they might think was "best for the world".

If you were a comic fan, there were many missing elements and it would have been disappointing. I think many expected it was going to be some great action flick like Batman, which it had elements of, but this one had the character spectrum in it like no other. A flawed, but notable movie.

I think the critical drinker did a good job covering it and I agreed with pretty much all of what he had to say.

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but this one had the character spectrum in it like no other. A flawed, but notable movie.

I liked Watchmen for the same reason I liked Amazon's The Boys and you defined it above.

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I liked the opening scene with the grassy knoll re-enactment a lot. Had the impression that it was a good movie, but fell asleep after the first few minutes.

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boring, and IIRC it contained a pointless rape scene

but then I hated Deadpool too, so whatever

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It was one of the very best movies I have ever seen.

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It was boring and unwatchable, the writing and directing was terrible.

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this was good except for cringe sex scene and lame slomo fights