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Lmao I stopped caring after black panther got nominated for best picture 😆

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I dont care about trannies and whores getting awards, dunno why anyone would.

frankly they should just be ended because they are pretty much useless

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It's a bunch of liars celebrating the liars who lie the best.

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Oscars are bought, not earned.

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Oscars have always been about virtue-signalling. That's why Steven Spielberg made "The Color Purple", because Hollywood had pledged to never give the man an oscar for making summer blockbusters. Y'know, Hollywood is about intellect and class, i.e. romcoms. That's why Steven Spielberg failed with "The Color Purple" (no oscar) and had to go virtue-nuclear with "Schindler's Lust". You are probably not the target-audience for the oscar-show, because that's... strong and empowered women.

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Whoever does the best in blowing sucking and dodo eating wins !

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Just wait until you see rotten tomatoes...

Sorry but black panther and marvel trash filling up the top 10 and Citizen Kane is at 30 and Metropolis is at 70. Majority rule is dumb.

[–] WD_Pelley ago 

Metropolis is at 70

The fuck?


They say that's it's an honor to even be nominated, but the systematic bias is so deeply ingrained in hollywood that even this honor is denied to so many hard working people of color who have given their blood sweat and tears to the movie-making process. We need to put a stop to this blatant racism by awarding every movie and every film-worker, because they deserve it based on the strength of their efforts.

The "best of" appeal to meritocracy method of distributing awards is an antiquated and bigoted metric that encourages people to compare works to a largely white-colonialist ideal of "what is a good movie". This is blatant oppression that seeks to withold validation from our beloved film-workers of color and deny them the recognition that they are entitled to for their efforts!

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Ten best movies ever made:

10.) Triumph des Willens

9.) Un Chien Andalou

8.) Tango & Cash

7.) Commando

6.) Night Of The Living Dead

5.) Safety Last

4.) Week-end

3.) Birth Of A Nation

2.) Barbarella

1.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret Of The Ooze

[–] Conspirologist [S] ago 


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