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"Hollywood’s guiding principle, as articulated by Jewish Hollywood director Jill Soloway, resides in the perceived necessity of “recreating culture to defend ourselves post-Holocaust.”[23] This ethnic “defense” has entailed the promotion of radical individualism for White people, racial diversity and mixing, the denigration of Christianity, the hypersexualization of popular culture, the glamorizing of sexual non-conformity and the breakdown of traditional gender roles—all alongside constant reminders of “the Holocaust” with its concomitant themes of Jewish victimhood and unsurpassed German (White, European) evil. This is Jewish ethnic warfare waged through the construction of culture. The Graduate was an early shot fired in this ongoing war."

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what year did portnoys complaint come out...

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Not surprisingly, MAD magazine, a bastion of jew humor, noted that in their parody of it.

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100% .
directed by ((( mike nichols ))),

written by ((( buck henry )))

starring a grossly overrated, untalented ((( dustin hoffman )))