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Once you learn that Hollywood is all kabbalistic mind control it's impossible to unsee it in every form of media.

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Yep. The colors, numbers, archetypes, etc. all carefully placed to speak to your subconscious.

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Is there some kind of library? I've seen the FBI known pedo symbols, but what else?

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Sometimes I miss enjoying movies

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You still enjoy MOVIES...you simply hate jew SJW propaganda for cucks, niggers, faggots and other maggot NPCs...

This is a sign your brain still functions and can differentiate between entertainment and JEW DEGENERATE NIGGER PROPAGANDA

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Try anime. It is just about the only thing not cucked and terrible.

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I took a prerequisite, can’t remember the name, but it focused on the “message” in advertising. Other than sciences I took more away from it going forward than anything else.

Both a blessing and a curse in this modern era, unless you’re able to use it to your advantage yourself. Bumper stickers ironically can be a great advertisement if you design the right ones.

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'keep honking, I'm reloading'

'im not speeding, I'm qualifying'

'I'm not driving fast, I'm flying low'

Saw these 20+ years ago. Still laugh.

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Bro once I see one or more sheckelberg in the credits I'm done.

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For example, 8 years ago I used to watch "It's always sunny in philadelphia" for the shenanigans and wacky characters.

Now I rewatch it time and time again for the jewish psyops, logical fallacies disguised as arguments designed to promote liberalism, and some of the finest, subtlest "whypipo bad" propaganda to have ever been televised.

They were extremely intelligent in crafting the anti-white messages in this series. So many layers and vectors with which they lay siege to Caucasians, a true masterpiece of propaganda, like a rotten onion.

Hats off to these jews!

[–] Angryelectrician 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I didn't find it that subtle. The first episode is literally about three white guys going out of their way to not be racist towards a literal nigger faggot. And one gets raped by two fags, one a Huge Nigger and it is portrayed as comical.

Still like the show. Frank etc.

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Did Dennis getting anally raped by fatter-uglier-Michael-Strahan lead to his moral degeneracy?

Are blacks the root of all evil in Philadelphia?

Tune in next week to find out!

Next week:

"Wypipo steal welfare and smoke crack and limos and lawyers and hiding money and..."

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I thank all the nameless, faceless goats for the realizations they've shared.


Hey can you put in some outlets for me on my next job?

My electrician is a bum. XD

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Not to mention it's a huge advertisement for alcohol.

[–] ReadPastHeadlines 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

This is still a show I can watch over and over though because they aren't over the top with the propaganda. It's there, and a lot, but not as effective because there isn't a smart character on the show. None of them are the voice of reason for the audience to realize the correct way to think.

The gun control episode is one of the best twists for me because the early scenes set up an episode where everyone sees it's too easy to get guns, they are too dangerous and need stricter regulations (the usual deal) but nope. They find they can't get guns no matter how hard they try, the anti gunners end up being pro gun in the end.

Dennis' grandpa is a misunderstood Nazi vet. "I don't trust any of these kikes".

[–] illuminalto2 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Yeah I'm not saying the show doesn't hold a spot for me because of the comedy and energy they bring as these characters.

It's there, and a lot, but not as effective because there isn't a smart character on the show.

Yes, this is for the self-hating whites. The propaganda is humongous in the series, from season 1.

The gun control episode is one of the best twists for me because the early scenes set up an episode where everyone sees it's too easy to get guns, they are too dangerous and need stricter regulations (the usual deal) but nope. They find they can't get guns no matter how hard they try, the anti gunners end up being pro gun in the end.

Which one? There were two!

A funny twist, to be sure. It was moments like this in the show which fooled me into thinking that this group of friends were weaving in their own flavor of politics into the fabric of the show - which I thought was cool - I thought they were more "independents". But as time went on I realized they were all super liberal, and the show was just a vehicle for anti-white, anti-christian, anti-american junk.

Dennis' grandpa is a misunderstood Nazi vet. "I don't trust any of these kikes".

Right and they decide to take him off life support THE SECOND they found out he was a Nazi.

And Charlie and Mac bring his old SS uniform to some museum curator and the curator recoils when they show him the nazi uniform saying "I find this highly offensive!"...

yes, even "muh holocaust" (and programming on how you should react to it!) is wedged into the series.

[–] DantesInf 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Yeah I'm with you. I think most of the show is based and OP really had to dig or read into things to see it as liberal or anti white propaganda. There was one episode where Frank or someone said, "lookout faggot" to Mack and they were trying to get a lawyer judge whether it was a hate crime or something - first 2 or so lawyers were reasonable and professional so they didn't meet the requirements, then the black lawyer was like yeah ok, lets do this (bending the rules) - and they were like, ok perfect, she'll do.

[–] whitesrbetter ago 

By how much Always Sunny references child rape its disturbing how there is multiple episodes dedicated "how funny it is". There is a episode too where the Charlie and Mac beat the shit out of some 10 year old White kids because they thought they stole their bike.

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Once you see you don't even notice the code. All you see is a kike, genocide, interracial couples, fat handicapped losers winning, women being stoic heroes, women being emotional wrecks with no consequences, brown people taking over iconic mantles, blacks are polite do gooders, white fathers are worthless, out of touch, and basically passengers to their own families.

Edit: and to the last point I actually met a lot of fathers that actually bought in and themselves let go of the wheel and faded into the background of their family.

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Look at Married With Children, some fine anti-white propaganda from my youth. Even the Simpsons.

[–] Angryelectrician 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago  (edited ago)

The Simpsons is written by Jews. It hurts to admit because there are a few seasons that I've seen more times than any person should ever disclose.

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Yeah, I remember growing up thinking that men were shit, in large part to Married with Children and similar shows. He was this crude loser that treated people like shit.

Simpson's. Family Guy. Rick & Morty. The father's always the idiot, and it's really irritating. And I say that as someone that generally likes each of those shows.

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I don't watch TV or movies anymore because I know it's all anti-white propaganda, a few old anime are good but that's about it.

[–] blumen4alles [S] 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

I am really enjoying Assassination Classroom, I might write a report on it. The 27th student is an AI in a black box...

TONS of Saturn symbolism.

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TONS of Saturn symbolism

The anime Psychopass has a shit load of Masonic messaging throughout the first season, especially how the characters are laid out.

[–] IsaacJan 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Yeah I read assassination classroom. That’s a good one. Try the kaguya-sama manga.

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Plenty of newer anime is good too. You just stopped watching. Check out my recommendations

[–] 3dk ago  (edited ago)

Looks like a good list, but why no Attack on Titan?

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Anti-humanity propaganda*

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To the point where I can’t enjoy anything anymore

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Suspend your disbelief.


Go outside and look at old trees basking in a sunset.

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Same, nothing is not subverted by the jews ideals.

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I haven't enjoyed going to the theater for a long time, but there's always old things.

Read old books, watch old movies.

[–] tallarn 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Yeah, that’s what I do, mostly.

Since I found out I’m pregnant, I’ve been buying DVDs of all the stuff I liked as a kid. eBay has really good prices on everything. I don’t want my kid growing up watching modern garbage.

[–] gonnatoom ago 

Noooo I can't enjoy tooming what is left for me now noooooo

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I was watching this show on Netflix, and came the subject of a bullet wound. This was in a show set in the middle ages, were no gun was to be found. They literally had to create this second mythical town where guns did exist, to be able to push the anti gun propaganda. So the end finale of the season is this girl taking a bullet out of her dad, so he can survive and the wound can heal. There is so much mis information in that one scene alone.

[–] UlyssesMcGill 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

"We kill each other constantly! Warfare nonstop! Hundreds of ways to die!"

first gun wound ever


[–] 24942360? 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

The thing is there's so much mis information firearms and wounds out there, most myths actually.

You definitely do NOT filet someone open to find a bullet, since you risk causing more damage in the process. You stop the bleeding, and stabilize the patient, and the body will either heal over the bullet, or discard it by itself in some other form. There are only very rare cases where removing the bullet is neccesary, and the chance of survival are already shit anyways.

Also what is it with movies and showing a gun as if it was from the 40s, possibly even before that because i have guns from that era which don't do this either. Self dischrge guns havent been a thing for a while, since most gun manufacturers have bumper pads to stop an accidental discharge and specially built firing pins. This idea that a gun will just fire by itself is a relic of when firearms were more crude. I wouldnt even be able to date this behavior anymore.

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Ever hear the theory that movies purposely show firearms malfunctioning or not being able to solve a situation?

The first Jurassic Park is a good example. The uber-competent safari guide either didn't rack a slug or his shotgun misfired when he was being stalked by raptors.

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I can't not do this, which is why I hardly watch anything anymore. It's all so tiring.

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anyone remember that youtube channel that would go in depth into movies and explain the hidden meanings of them often about how jews and blacks were trying to normalize abnormal behaviors to destabilize america?

[–] oyy_veyy_goyy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Are you talking about Blackpilled, or someone else?

[–] KillDaSpooks 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

blackpilled that's the one, thanks

[–] itssomatic ago 

The one about Pleasantville was incredible.


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