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Compare annakin or even obi with Sweet Baby Rey's Cheese Sauce. Both of those guys got this shit pushed in constantly. Plenty of loss and growth because of it. Anakin was hard to watch because the actor just plain sucked and the script was weak, but the dude got his armed chopped off and lost his mom AND his wife....also soul.

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ill admit i only enjoyed that because it pissed off all the blacks who thought Findu was going to cuck the white men in the audience by hooking up with Rey.

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No, he just suffered from bad script writing and misguided direction.

He still had to go through a typical growth arc that lead him to becoming Darth Vader. He needed to be protected as a child, trained by a wise mentor, nearly died in battle against a major antagonist, started developing a warped sense of justice after his mother died, became corrupted by tyrant, and tragically killed his own wife and almost died by his mentor which lead him to finally snap and embrace his new evil identity which his dark armour symbolically represented as he was being saved from near death.

When Disney made Star Wars, they were such hacks they had to resort to reviving the emperor because they killed off their main villain after forgetting to give him a backstory and motive. SJWs don't understand the heros journey and character arcs, they think everyone is just a one dimensional catchphrase like a Simpsons extra.

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main villain after forgetting to give him a backstory and motive. SJWs don't understand the heros journey and character arcs,

The very idea of a hero's journey is "problematic" because it deals with a Eurocentric monomyth and promotes toxic masculinity or something. This trash trilogy skipped all of that because we can't have a callback to our ancient past. As bad as the prequels were they at least expanded the universe and had interesting ideas (controlled opposition by a dark force, politics, fall from grace); terrible execution was its main problem.

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The original Star Wars was such a hit because it breathed life back into the classic eurocentric hero mythos archetypes similar to Hercules or King Arthur during an era of nihilism where heroes had to be morally grey degenerates like Travis Bickle or Dirty Harry. My dad even told me he distinctly remembers seeing it as a teen and the audience actually gave a loud applause when the credits started rolling, because as true art should, it uplifted everybody.

Leftists can't build upon the classic archetypes, because the concept of a hero is inherently right wing and traditional, the concept of a boy growing into a man to overcome adversity goes against leftists convictions, mainly that of being weak and dependent on others. Its why they failed at infiltrating the fitness community, you can't be a weak victim who promotes accepting unhealthy body types in a community built upon personal responsibility and hard work. All they can do for story telling is subvert and destroy what uplifts people, TLJ's message was basically there is no clear good or evil, abandon your heritage, and any attempts to do good just creates more evil. This is why people hated it, because its not inspiring or uplifting, its just worshipping death while the original movie uplifted life.

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Even though he was "the most powerful in the force" or whatever, they still had to train him from childhood into early adulthood. And like everyone else said, dude still sucked ass and got his ass kicked. His training took at least a decade, probably a couple more years. Reys training... wait, what training? As soon as the director yelled action she was fullpower

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When Rey fought Kylo in the first movie and started kicking his ass because she closed her eyes and "remembered" the force, all that was missing was the anthem that plays when Popeye eats spinach. So pathetic that story telling has gotten this bad and most people just eat it up.

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all that was missing was the anthem that plays when Popeye eats spinach.

How has no one made this video yet?

And I also agree that Rey was horrendous. I don't understand how people didn't see that in TFA; it took a multitude of people to see TLJ to know that the sequel trilogy sucked. Well no shit, people like me called it out before Force Awakens! It was easy to see that they'd be woke trash because Jar Jar Abrams was gushing about diversity and "wanting to try something different". He straight up said that the auditioning process (?) was full of "fucking white guys". Even a lobotomy patient could see where that was going.

And the damage control was the worst. Articles written not only defending Rey but shitting on Luke, calling him a spoiled farm boy or another article saying that the term "Mary Sue" is a slur against competent female characters. Fucking what? Do people not know that characters need to develop and overcome obstacles to be interesting?

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yeah like is ip man a gary stu, he kicks everyone's ass? No he trained for it over many years.

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got his ass kicked time and again so no.

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i think.

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Or "Marty Stu".

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Rey needs a spanking